You Have to Launch the Missile to Know What’s In It

As the not-so-secret betrayal of America and Israel continues in the Iran nuclear talks, the Obama Administration — the most transparent in history — is planning to keep details secret until the final deal is signed and delivered.

That’s in keeping with the Administration’s history of keeping details of important public policy changes hidden from the American public.

From Obamacare to net neutrality, the message to the electorate has been that you will take your medicine without complaint, and if you ask what’s in it, the answer is, whatever we say is in it.

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When asked by Fox host Greta Van Susteren whether the public would get to see the nuclear deal and have some input, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki did a little dance that meant “no”: “Well, I think it’s not about it signed — it’s negotiated between countries and it’s negotiated between leaders of countries. That’s traditionally and historically how international negotiations have worked.”

In other words, peasants don’t get answers.

Paski’s correct if by “traditionally and historically” she means the worst Administrations have historically and traditionally acted like soap opera villains with something to hide instead of public servants, and the Obama Administration is among the worst.

It wouldn’t be the most terrible situation if the Obama Administration was a villain you at least could trust to mind the store, but this Administration is lazy, self-possessed, weak and delusional about its own influence.

We know from Iranian media, which is more forthcoming than our own, that John “I served in Vietnam” Kerry is a milquetoast who allows himself to be yelled at by the Iranian chief negotiator, Javad Zarif. It got so bad that the ayatollah actually stepped in, citing the Koran, to get Zarif to lower his voice because everyone felt so embarrassed for Kerry.

Kerry is the same guy in charge of talking to Russia, the Land of Rootin’ Tootin’ Putin, who could snap Kerry in half with just his pinky. During Kerry’s tenure, Putin has solidified his hold on the Ukraine and continued a military buildup even as the U.S. continues to dismantle its missiles and other forces.

Meanwhile, our trading partner China is expanding its military capabilities into space, according to Adm. Cecil D. Haney, head of the Omaha-based nuclear forces command.

Haney said the weaponization of space is a real threat, and the U.S. needs to prepare strategies to defend against attacks on satellites.

Then there’s North Korea, the rogue state and international pariah, which Haney said he believes has miniaturized a nuclear warhead for its missiles.

All of these growing threats are occurring in the face of an aging U.S. defense that needs to be modernized while suffering under the leadership of an openly socialist Islamophile.

Russia in particular has been probing the extent of U.S. defenses and patience, infiltrating U.S. airspace with fighters and bombers on a regular basis. China has been expanding its submarine force and bullying its neighbors, such as Japan.

And where’s the Obama Administration on all of this?

We can only assume that Kerry is being yelled at in meeting rooms in Russian, China and South Korea as well.

We don’t know for sure because the most transparent Administration in history isn’t very forthcoming about its activities, even when they’re generally known, as is the case with Iran.

It’s not like we members of the public have a right to know whether the missiles pointing at us are carrying nukes or prom invitations. We’re just the ones in the blast zone, after all.

We should just be content to know that Emperor Obama and his court will be safe in their concrete bunkers.

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