You Pay Taxes To Pay For Armed Forces To Kidnap Babies In The US

This story, “Sacramento couple fights to get their baby boy back from authorities,” is so infuriating; I don’t know how to describe it. In the follow up, “Sacramento couple still unclear why CPS took their baby boy after dispute with doctors,” we learn that, according to the couple’s defense lawyer, CPS is stalling to keep him from knowing how to argue his case. They are pursuing a strategy of not answering the phone and sending him elsewhere for documents he is supposed to have for court and which they are legally obligated to provide for him. They had, at last report, successfully kept him from the information so that he is going to have to go to court and “wing it.”

The husband and father said it all: “It seems like parents have no right whatsoever.”

I guess you could disagree and say Alex Nikolayev are exaggerating the situation he and his wife, Anna, are facing with their baby son. After all, they have the “right” to beg to get their baby boy back after CPS took him without any hearing. They have the “right” to request and receive permission for the mother to visit her son for one hour under careful supervision. They have the “right” to ask for a hearing after days and days of not having their child so that someday, maybe, they might get their child back.

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It will be interesting to see if we will ever find out how the Powers That Be in the CPS bureaucracy in Sacramento, CA, decided to abduct this particular child. While we can’t know yet, the story allows the possibility that a hospital decided that the child’s parents were being too independent of their guidance. As reported, Anna found a nurse at Sutter Memorial Hospital giving her infant son, Sammy, unnecessary antibiotics. Feeling less and less sure about the hospital, the couple took Sammy to another hospital for a second opinion, when the doctors started recommending heart surgery. It was after the second hospital released him to his parents to take home that cops showed up, hands on handguns, with CPS. They took Sammy away.

There is no question that Sammy was never in immediate danger. CPS did not rescue him from harm; they simply abducted him. Whatever, CPS thinks the parents are guilty of, the point here is that they have never been tried and convicted of anything. All the Nikolayev’s rights have been suspended. Furthermore, CPS has the power to use delaying tactics so that they can now blackmail the couple into signing some kind of confession or agreement that retroactively legitimizes CPS tactics and grants them power over the family.

Everything about how our republic is supposed to operate is turned upside down by these CPS tactics. People suffer a punishment far worse than fines or personal imprisonment—the kidnapping of a child—without even knowing the substance of the accusation against them. And the police in every case I’ve ever heard of always act as the hired toughs of CPS who are employed to intimidate the parents into submitting to their will.

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