Young Teen Girl in Hammock Killed When Tree Topples Over

Death is such a weird concept. One that many of us can’t quite wrap our heads around. Perhaps the reason why we struggle with it so much is because it is so final and often unexpected.

How can you predict a car accident, mugging, or shooting? You can’t.

For one Kentucky family, they never foresaw a tree toppling over on their fifteen year old daughter as she swung in a hammock attached to it.

Fox News reports:

Michelle Chalk, 15, was in the backyard of a Ford Thomas home Tuesday night when she and her friend decided to spend some time sitting on a hammock, FOX19 reported. One of the two trees the hammock was tied to collapsed on top of her.

Officials found the teenager dead at the scene. Her friend was not seriously injured.

Chalk was expected to start classes at Highlands High School later this month. She danced at Cincinnati Ballet and was described as a treasured member of the group.

“We are deeply saddened to lose Michelle who was a vibrant and beloved member of our young performers cast,” Victoria Morgan, artistic director of the Cincinnati Ballet, told FOX19.

Officers have stated that the cause of the tree’s collapse is unknown. My first thought is that it could have been dead or hollowed inside, unbeknownst to the family.

Chalk’s death has been ruled an accident.

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