Young Voters Rallying Around Ron Paul Revolution

After finishing second in the New Hampshire primary this week, Ron Paul spoke to a crowd of students who were excited about the Ron Paul Revolution.

As Paul took the stage, he told the audience, “The media likes to pronounce us dangerous. They’re right! We’re dangerous to the status quo. We’re a danger to the Federal Reserve System!”

One young lady told the reporter, Michelle Fields of The Daily Caller, that she had listened to most of the Republican presidential candidates, especially to Mitt Romney and said that Romney will be just like Barack Obama.

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Another interviewee said that you can generally tell when someone is telling the truth or just spinning things and he felt that Ron Paul was speaking the truth.

One black gentleman told her that he worked for Obama’s campaign in 2008 and now he is supporting Ron Paul. He said that Obama is sincere in his policies but that his polices are not what’s best for the country because he doesn’t understand how an economy works.

Actually, I believe Obama knows exactly how an economy works and has purposely taken us to the brink of disaster on purpose.

Listen to what some of these young people are saying about Ron Paul and his revolutionary ideas.

The young people of America are tired of the same old politics and want something like a political revolution to change things from what they are to what they should be. Many of the other Republican candidates say some of the same things that Ron Paul is saying but their voting histories do not support their words, where Ron Paul’s does.

In 2003, Ron Paul tried to get the federal government to get out of the mortgage business as he foretold of a pending housing crisis.

In 2008, Ron Paul tried to fight against the growing big government and TARP, when few others in the federal government seemed to care about the dangers.

Ron Paul in pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-right to work, pro-health freedom and has promised to reduce the size of the federal government by at least 10%, reduce federal pay scale including that of the President and reduce the federal deficit by at least $1 trillion in his first year.

None of the other candidates, Republican or Democrat have a track record or campaign agenda that can compare to Ron Paul’s and it seems as if more and more young people are looking to him and the Ron Paul Revolution.

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