‘YourVoice America’s’ Bill Mitchell Says It’s Time Americans Stopped Relying on Biased Liberal Social Media

Charlotte, North Carolina, businessman Bill Mitchell has probably become one of President Donald Trump’s most loyal and loudest voices on Twitter in this, the era of Trump. But even with his great success on social media, Mitchell thinks it is just about time that America should fight back against the leftist, rigged social media environment by launching our own, more freedom-oriented platforms.

Bill Mitchell has become such a force on twitter that even liberals are noticing, though they are loath to admit it.

Left-wing outlet Buzzfeed went on the attack against Mitchell recently, but even then, they had to admit that Mitchell has developed wide reach in the Twitterverse.

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“Mitchell’s influence is considerable ,” Charlie Warzel wrote for Buzzfeed. “the MIT Media Lab listed him as the 26th-most influential Twitter account of this election cycle (the highest-ranked non-politician or journalist), between Lindsey Graham and Megyn Kelly.”

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That was 2016. And since then Mitchell’s reach has only grown. Today Mitchell has over 441K followers on Twitter and wins over tens of thousands of viewers on his “YourVoice America” webcast nearly every day for his 9PM Eastern Time live show.

In a recent interview with Godfather Politics, Mitchell insisted that he’d have many thousands more followers and viewers were it not for the sneaky tech tricks that Twitter, Youtube, Periscope, and other social media platforms play in order to squelch his following.

But Mitchell started out like many of the rest of us by yelling at his TV set in consternation as liberals dominated the media and weak-spined Republicans cowered in the corner without fighting back.

“For many years,” Mitchell said, “I was the standard Monday morning quarterback with an opinion about politics, but otherwise not really being very involved. I spent most of my time with politics sort of yelling at my TV set when I would see panels of Democrats and Republicans where Democrats just said outrageous stuff while Republicans would sit there on their hands, mute. ”

“It just frustrated me and made me wonder why we could never have someone on our side standing up to the left,” Mitchell continued. “And I always wanted a businessperson to run for president because I always wanted someone with a reputation and a history of finishing things instead of prolonging things.”

The answer to that dream was the day Donald Trump famously descended to the lobby of Trump Towers in 2015 and announced he was running for president.

Mitchell noted that he was very excited about Trump’s candidacy, so excited that he wanted to add his voice to those supporting the then presidential candidate. “I already had over one hundred twitter followers, so I thought I’d just start posting my thoughts on Twitter just to get it off my chest. But, low and behold, my Twitter feed just took off. First I had 500 followers, then a thousand, then ten thousand, and it grew from there.”

With his growing fan base, Mitchell began appearing on several radio shows and podcasts, but soon enough he branched out on the road to starting his own media empire by adding video to his social media properties.

But even as his fans have grown, social media outlets such as Twitter and video service Periscope began doing their level best to squash his reach by using their algorithms to kill his audience.

“On Twitter, I was averaging between 12 and 15 thousand new followers a month, but then for almost a year it was pretty much flat where I only gained a small number of new followers. This was odd considering I was getting millions of re-tweets and millions of Twitter users were engaging every month. But, for some reason one day the squelching was turned off and just in the last month I have gained 25,000 new followers. Clearly they are doing something behind the scenes to my account to prevent growth.”

“And they are also doing another thing called ‘shadow banning’ where they basically hide me so my followers can’t see my tweets unless they actually go to my Twitter profile to see them.”

“It’s pretty obvious when they have these algorithms turned on to limit my account, too. For instance, when the algorithms are on, I’ll average about 15,000 impressions per tweet and maybe two or three hundred likes per tweet. But when they turn the shadow ban off, which they do every once in a while, instead of 15,000 impressions per tweet suddenly I am averaging 100,000 impressions per tweet. And instead of 300 likes, I get 5,000 likes per tweet.”

Twitter also goes through its platform and de-follows people without users’ permission. Mitchell noted that he has had fans tell him that they have had to re-follow him two and three times because Twitter secretly goes into their account and cancels their following of Mitchell’s account.

“It’s frustrating,” Mitchell added, “you don’t want your voice limited like that. But they own the platform. And until we create some competing media we have to play by their rules.”

Mitchell also ruefully noted that these tech bosses lie with impunity about their backdoor efforts to quash conservative voices. Citing the recent Project Veritas investigation where a Google executive was caught admitting on video that Google is working to destroy Donald Trump’s re-election effort, the activist said that these big tech giants don’t even fear Congress.

“These companies [Google, Facebook, and Twitter] have a lot of money and power and they don’t fear Congress because all Congress does is a bunch of saber rattling,” Mitchell said.

“Until the government starts going after them on anti-trust, or starts going after them to declare them a public utility, or starts going after them saying, ‘yes, you are the public square and you cannot quash people’s First Amendment rights,’ and levying some big financial fines, or even throwing some people in jail for lying to Congress, I think Google and these guys are all going to continue thumbing their nose at free speech and laughing saying, ‘screw you guys, we’ll do what we want and until you stop us we’re going to keep doing it.'”

“They have no consequences,” Mitchell quickly added. “After all, the CEO of Google got before Congress and lied about how the censor conservatives. He just lied. It’s been in the news that he lied, everybody knows that he lied — this guy flat out lied in front of Congress, God, and the world and nothing happens to him.”

“This is what we’re up against,” he noted adding that seemingly the only way to get around it is to start our own platforms.

To that end, Mitchell is looking to the future and hoping that his voice can be amplified by adding other like-minded activists onto his own network. Mitchell hopes to begin adding other people to his budding media empire with their own Internet-based shows like his so that conservatives have someplace new they can turn to as an alternative to the traditional media and the left-controlled social media landscape.

“Between now and November 3, 2020, this is our chance to make this happen. We may never have another window of opportunity like this where all the stars could align to create this new network that can become a player from 2020 and beyond,” Mitchell prophesized. “Now is the time to go all out, build the platform, so that once Trump is in his second term and we can retake the House, and this network can become the new normal for the media.”

Whatever the future holds, Mitchell is a great example of someone who circumvented the traditional media, made his own audience by his own work, even as he fought against the liberal establishment that targeted him to block his rise. Mitchell proves that it can be done.

Mitchell can most famously be seen daily on Twitter at @mitchellvii. But you can also get a daily dose of Mitchell on his video network, YourVoice America.

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