‘You’re Just a Troll’: Tucker VS Satanist….Who Do You Think Won?

He’s got grace, a pretty face, he’s gonna put liberals in their place!

……and by “he” I mean Tucker!

Tucker has the absolute best facial expressions when it comes to dealing with morons and liberals. He debates them, shows the absolute flaw in their feeble arguments, and then sends them on their way to nurse their wounds.

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In his latest smackdown, Tucker interviewed the founder of the Satanic Temple. It’s just as much of a train-wreck as it sounds!

Tucker ultimately said that the guy is “just a troll” and that he is just out to bother people. For example, their latest “project” is to find Christian owned bakeries and ask them to bake a cake that honors Satan. They are doing this as a show of support after an LGBT couple was denied a cake by a Christian bakery.

So as Tucker said, they are just trolling and lookup for trouble.

Fox News Insider reports:

Satanic Temple leader Lucien Greaves fired back, saying his religion is a credible one.

“These are an expression of our deeply help beliefs,” he said.

Greaves explained that the bakery campaign demonstrates that religion is a protected class while sexual orientation is not.

“Do you ever have an evangelical on and ask them why they need to force their Bibles into schools?” Greaves asked.

“What they’re not doing is showing up at your house and saying ‘Say the Lord’s Prayer with me, Lucien Greaves, and if you don’t then I’m going to sue you,'” Tucker countered.

Tucker says, “In the end this is about getting publicity and hassling people.”

Boom, end of story. Next!

Here is the interview:

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