Youtube Buries Ann Coulter Video to Prevent Users from Finding It

This is a perfect example of how big tech firms like Facebook, Google, and Youtube fashion their code to prevent conservatives from being found in search results and how viewers are given all liberal sources instead.

The folks at Information Liberation did a search for an Ann Coulter video entitled “How Trump Should Deal With Cohen & Manafort – Ann Coulter.” This video featured the best selling author’s appearance on C-Span last week where she slammed Big Tech for its bias against conservatives.

You’ll notice below that the Youtube user, Washington Watch, posted the Coulter video under that exact title; “How Trump Should Deal With Cohen & Manafort – Ann Coulter.”

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In the video, Coulter slams Big Tech saying:

We are facing a crisis in free speech, right now,” Coulter said. “The left has control of the mainstream media, Hollywood, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, the schools k through 12, [and] the universities.”

“All the social media companies [want to shut down] the one place you can actually go to get the facts [which] are these tiny little corners of the internet,” she said.

“We need to apply the First Amendment to social media companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google, because it is a public square, and there is precedent for that and it’s gotta be done, because this is really terrifying, and talk about chilling speech when they’re just throwing people off right and left,” Coulter said.

So, Information Liberation put that title in the search box on Youtube to try and find the Coulter video. The search gave 22 results of mostly left-wing videos talking about Coulter, but not Coulter’s actual video. The effort showed exactly how these liberal Tech giants exclude conservatives and bury their content deep in search results so that only left-wing sources crowd the top search results.

Per Information Liberation:

With YouTube’s new search algorithm, if you search the exact title of Ann Coulter’s recent appearance on C-SPAN you have to scroll through 22 unrelated results from establishment news organizations before you can find it.

This is the new normal on YouTube for all news related search results.

The exact same search on “Google Videos,” which has not been given the same “show only ‘trusted’ sources” treatment, shows the video as the number one result, followed by three related videos from independent YouTubers which accurately reflect what the search was for.

Google has turned YouTube search from a tool giving you access to millions of independent YouTubers to a censored, walled garden which gives you search results from a tiny cadre of establishment media outlets.

YouTube can now be more accurately described as “TheyTube,” as they’ve effectively censored 99.9% of channels from the first 20 search results on all news related topics.

Here is what that search looked like:

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