Yuma, Arizona Proves Success of Border Fence with Mexico

Donald Trump made international headlines when he stated that America needs to build a fence along the entire US-Mexico border to stop the flood of illegal aliens. The liberal media crucified Trump for his comment and tried to make him out to be a Hispanic hating bigot. Democrats were ready with their hammers to nail him to a cross for his statements. Sadly, a number of the other Republican candidates were ready to help hoist him onto the cross so the Democrats could finish the job.

I’ve been advocating the completion of a border fence along the entire 1,954 border with Mexico. I also advocate bringing our troops fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries home and station them along the entire border with the fence. They need to be provided with the same equipment they use in the Middle East and given orders to stop all illegal entry into the US with whatever force is necessary. Our troops need to be protecting our country instead of other countries that hate us and will never have peace because of their internal differences.

Liberals often argue that a border fence costs too much and is ineffective in stopping the flow of illegals. They point out how many of them use ladders to go over, tunnels to go under or cut their way through existing fencing. There have even been occasions where illegals have rammed vehicles through the fence to gain entry into the US.

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My response to them is to point to the border fence in Yuma, Arizona. In 2005, Border Patrol agents stationed in Yuma made an average of 800 arrests of illegals per day. They averaged around 2,700 vehicle penetrations of the border in the Yuma area alone, many of them were loaded with drugs and driven at high speeds to push their way through the flimsy fence.

In 2006, President Bush promised to fix the illegal problem in Yuma and elsewhere. Congress passed the Secure Fence Act that allocated funds for the construction of a more secure fence and or vehicle barriers. Construction took 3 years but now the Yuma border is probably the most secure stretch of border with Mexico.

Today, the Border Patrol in Yuma, which has triple the manpower it had in 2005, arrested 15 illegals a day and the number of vehicle penetrations so far this year is only 27.

Border Patrol Agent Richard Withers commented about the Yuma fence, saying:

“It works. This is the most secure area of the border. It is pretty hard for a guy to cross here. But they try.”

So how do they do it?

The first fence encountered is a 20 foot high steel fence. If they manage to scale that, illegals will have to cross a 75 yard wide no man’s land that is monitored by cameras and sensors. Border Patrol agents also patrol the no man’s land in SUVs on a regular basis. If they make it across no man’s land, they will encounter a tightly woven steel fence that is also monitored. If they manage to breach the second fence, they find themselves faced with a cyclone fence topped with barbed wire. Click here to see tour of Yuma border fence.

Anthony Porvaznik, Yuma Sector Chief commented about how successful the Yuma border security is these days:

“It was the Wild West out here.”

“We essentially apprehend 92 percent of all entries through the Yuma sector. That is 126 miles of border, which includes 12 miles of these sand dunes. On a scale of 1 to 10 we are a 9.”

“Unless you give them a reason not to come back, they will. When we started Operation Streamline, fewer deportees tried to cross. It was simple. They didn’t want to go to jail. Our first-time offenders went to jail for 15 days. We took them out of their smuggling cycle.”

Most of the illegal traffic has now shifted to the Colorado River which runs along the Arizona-California border into Mexico or 126 miles to the east where the Yuma border area stops. Illegals use boats and try to swim up the river. In one location, Border Patrol agents found a stretch of sand bags just under the surface of the river forming a footpath they could walk on.

Hundreds of illegals have been seen walking along the 126 miles of desert on the Mexican side of the border. Many make it to less secured areas, but a number of them die along the way from the harshness of the desert, especially during the summer months.

The success of the 126 miles of the Yuma border fence is testimony to just how effective we can make our border. Critics say it’s too expensive and built by the private contractors perhaps it is. But the cost of construction could be drastically lowered if we had our military construction crews erect it the rest of the way. Since labor is often one of the largest parts of construction costs, using military personnel would save a huge amount of labor costs over those incurred by using non-military contractors.

And if need be, use able bodied men and women who are receiving unemployment or welfare to fill in for additional labor. They are already being paid in part by the government so why not get something out it, kind of like FDR’s Works Program Administration that build dams, roads and national parks. It helps give these men and women skills they can use to find work when the fence is done, thus getting them off the welfare rolls.

Yep, if I were president, that’s what I would do, starting where the Yuma border ends and taking it all the way to San Diego and the Pacific Ocean.

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