Zimmerman Rescues Family of Four From Car Crash

Proof, meet pudding.

George Zimmerman, whose alleged racist tendencies were the alleged reason Trayvon Martin died, and who allegedly got away with murder, has every reason to stay in hiding.

With death threats against him, his family and his supporters, and with people being beaten up in the name of the punk Zimmerman was acquitted of killing, no one could have honestly blamed him for laying low.

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Instead, according to Florida sheriff’s deputies, Zimmerman last week came out of hiding when he witnessed an SUV overturn with a family of four inside. Grabbing a fire extinguisher, Zimmerman and one other person ran to the scene and pulled the family out of their wrecked vehicle.

Zimmerman stuck around just long enough to give a deputy his contact information.

Information is conflicting about whether the truck was actually on fire, but if it was, the big media like ABC and CBS left that out of their coverage. They also left out the race of the rescued family, which is funny since they’ve been so specific about the race of Zimmerman and everyone involved with the recent case, including the jurors who are supposed to be anonymous.

In fact, all the racial crud the mainstream media, prosecutors and protest groups have thrown at Zimmerman has failed to stick. You get the impression the Zimmerman fallout wasn’t quite the riots the Obama Administration and professional race hucksters were hoping for.

In fact, all the evidence about Zimmerman points to a man who is the opposite of the racist monster he has been painted as.

Then he had to go and prove it by helping a family in need.

Even the ACLU has backed down from its previous position and told the Department of Justice to lay off seeking federal charges against Zimmerman.

It’s past time the Left apologize for its nonsense and for trying to smear a man who was only defending himself from a pothead thug.

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